Sunday School

sunday school 1.jpg

Mt Calvary offers Sunday School during the sermon portion of worship. Here’s how it works.

Sunday School is for kids Preschool through 5th grade.

Parents who want their children to participate in Sunday School can sign in at the table in the entryway when arriving at church. The sign in gives parents a chance to meet the teachers and teachers a chance to know how many students they will have in their class for the day. At sign in, parents are asked to leave a cell phone number so that the Sunday School staff can reach parents by text if they are needed.

After the Children’s Lesson (usually about 15-20 minutes into the service), participating children will meet their Sunday School Teacher in the back of the sanctuary and go to Sunday School. The Sunday School time includes music, a Bible lesson, and some kind of activity connected with the story. The children will then return toward the end of the service (usually either after communion or during the third hymn) to receive the blessing together with their parents.

The lessons we’ll be using will follow a book titled, 120 Bible Stories. We chose to use a book because it would encourage families to purchase a copy to review the Sunday’s lesson at home, and to read an additional lesson during the week. In addition, if a family happened to miss Sunday School one week, with the book in hand, they could still keep up with the lessons at home. It can be purchased at Amazon for as low as about $6 (plus shipping) if you don’t mind a used book.

Our prayer is that this Sunday School ministry will serve as a bridge to families, particularly ones with young children; that it will instruct our children in the truths of God’s Word and allow their parents to grow in faith by being better able to pay attention to the Word during the sermon — all so that God’s Kingdom is advanced and the work of Jesus proclaimed.

And a final note, if any parents feel that they would rather have their children with them during the sermon than in Sunday School, they are welcome to do so and still follow along at home with the lessons in 120 Bible Stories.