Shout Out for Joy - Psalm 66

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We’ll be using this Psalm setting in worship this Sunday, June 26. As a way to get it in front of you ahead of time, here are the words and a piano recording of the song.

This Psalm is by Paul Keew and is available on


Shout, Shout out for joy to God all the earth!

Sing, sing out the glory of his name!

Say, Say unto God, “How awesome your deeds!”

Give, give to the Lord his glorious praise!

Verse 1

O come, come and see how the name of the Lord is revered.

All the earth is alive with a worshipful song!

O come to the cross, and be free of rebellion and pride.

O come and rejoice evermore in all God has done!


Verse 2

So great is His power that His enemies crumble and fall.

Forever He reigns and He rules by His might!

His eyes are ablaze, keeping watch on the nations of men.

All the kings of the earth do His bidding and all His delight!


Verse 3

I will bless You, O God, when You lovingly test and refine.

Though I walk through the fire I will offer You praise!

You will shepherd my soul to a place of abundance and rest.

I will come to Your house and an offering of thankfulness raise!


Verse 4

O come, come and hear, all who fear God and call on His name,

How I cried to the Lord, and He answered my prayer!

Had I cherished my sin, all my words would be empty and vain.

Bless the Lord, for His mercy and faithfulness crown all our days!



Words by Paul Keew, from Psalm 66

© 2009 Watchsong (admin. Church Works Media). All rights reserved.

Finally, here is a youtube recording of the song. This version is pretty well done up, so don’t be intimidated by it!