God's grace calls to committed service

There is always so much Kingdom work to do - so much so that our work in God’s Kingdom isn’t complete until the day he takes us home with him. So that the work can continue when we are gone, we’re called to pass the task of Kingdom work on to the next generation. This is no task for the feint of heart. History speaks, declaring that God’s grace calls to committed service.

God’s Grace Abounds Even in Wicked Times

What does God do when wickedness increases in the world?  How does he battle against it? Certainly, he has many means, but the chief way that God makes war against wickedness is by raising up faithful people to proclaim his Word. History tells us that God does not abandon the world into its wickedness, but his grace abounds in sending prophets to confront wickedness with his Word.

As we proclaim with the power of the Holy Spirit

The Christ-promised coming of the Holy Spirit reverses the confusion of Babel as the disciples are given the gift of speaking in tongues. In a rush of wind and with tongues of flame the prophecy of Joel is fulfilled. The timidity of the Twelve dissolves in fiery witnessing to the Truth. What began in the streets of Jerusalem, is even now carried to the ends of the earth

Let Your Kingdom Come As We Proclaim Jesus in Spite of Opposition

Have you noticed how two different people can sometimes see and hear the exact same event and have two radically different takes on it?

This often happens when we speak God's Word. Some hear it gladly. Others, not so much. So then, what are we to do when opposed?

That's what we see in this sermon based on Acts 13

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We proclaim Jesus in spite of opposition