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Mt. Calvary 101

Maybe you’ve been wondering, “How can I learn what Mt.Calvary is all about?” or, “How can I grow in my knowledge of Christianity in some sort of orderly way?”

Mt. Calvary 101 is a great place to start.

This class covers the four key concepts of Christianity and how they all fit together.  Pastor Korey will walk you through questions like:

  • What is sin?

  • How do I know God’s grace?

  • What is faith and where does faith come from?

  • Why does Christianity lead me to want to change my life?

Mt. Calvary 101 is offered several times a year, usually on a Saturday morning from 8:45 – 11:30 am.

The next Mt. Calvary 101 class is set for May 4th.  Come and learn more about the Christian faith!

Childcare will be provided!

Some FAQ’s

I don’t know much about the Bible. Is that okay?

This course is a great introduction to reading the Bible. If you ask questions they will be addressed honestly and respectfully.

Do I need to bring a Bible?

It’s not necessary.  If you have one that you’re comfortable with, you’re welcome to bring it and use it.  However, in this session, all the Bible verses we’ll be looking at are printed out on the handouts.  

I’m already a Christian, why should I take this class?

If you’re already a Christian, that’s great!  The great benefit from this class comes in looking at certain big Bible topics systematically, which provides you with a depth of comprehensive insight that you wouldn’t necessarily receive otherwise.  Many lifelong Christians have never studied the Bible in this way and can find benefit from it.  It will give you a firmer foundation in Bible knowledge, which will help you receive more benefit from coming to worship and better equip you to help your children understand their Bible lessons. 

I’m not a Christian, why should I care?

Many of the values that people today find important — equality, care for the poor and vulnerable in society, strong families, treating all people with kindness, and others — aren’t self-evident.  They actually have their roots in Biblical Christianity. While Christians have been far from perfect in upholding these values, wouldn’t it be good to learn the ultimate source of these values from the Bible?  This course won’t explicitly connect the two, but the instructor would be happy to show anyone who asks the connection between what we learn in the class and these values. 

I’m interested in the class, but the time doesn’t work. What should I do?

Just let pastor know. Many times he can work around your schedule to come up with a class time that works for you.

What kind of people attend?

Every group has a different make-up. Typically there are about 5 people. Some have never attended a church, or haven’t gone for quite a while. Others are members of Mt. Calvary who want a refresher on some basic Bible teachings.

Do I need to bring anything?

Simply a desire to learn about Jesus. Bibles will be available if you need one, or feel free to bring your own if you have one that you’re comfortable with. While we usually use the NIV translation, many other translations are good and usable also.

Where do I sign up?

There is a registration sheet at Mt. Calvary that you can use. You can also email pastor and let him know you plan to attend.

Have other questions?

Send pastor Korey an email and he’ll be glad to answer and point you in the right direction.