Got Questions?


Do you have Questions or Doubts?

It’s okay to ask.

The truth is, everyone passes through times in life when they are questioning or even doubting what they believe. Even great people in the Bible went through phases when they questioned or doubted. The only way to get through times of questioning or doubt is to ask! So we encourage it.

I regluarly take time at the beginning of Bible Study to take questions about the day’s sermon. If you have a question about something I said, or didn’t say — or if the sermon raised another question in your mind, that’s a great place to ask.

However, if a public Q and A session is not a good fit for you with your questions, feel free to contact me personally via email or by phone at the church office. I’m happy to hear your question and answer it to the best of my ability.

God’s Peace be with you!

Korey Van Kampen