Children in Church?


Have Children?

Simply put, children are welcome at Mt. Calvary!

In the Lutheran tradition, it is common for parents and children to sit together for the entire worship service. The belief behind this practice was that children learn to be in church by being present in the worship service.

However, we recognize that fewer parents today are comfortable with this tradition. Instead, many parents today want to be able to listen to the day’s message without the distraction of keeping their children from potentially being a distraction to others. They want their children to enjoy coming to church as much as they do.

Recognizing this, Mt Calvary offers a Sunday School program for children preschool through 5th grade during the sermon. Parents can sign their children in for Sunday School as they arrive into the church building. Children spend the first part of the service worshiping with their parents, learning to be in church and to participate in worship. Then, after the Children’s Lesson, participating children meet their Sunday School teacher in the back of the Sanctuary for Sunday School and return at some point after the sermon and before the close of worship.

If you’re curious, some parents do choose to have their kids sit with them for the whole service — that is totally OK too!  Sending your children to Sunday School is entirely optional.

With this arrangement, we’re striving to achieve what seems to be the best of both worlds, where children learn to be in church, but at the same time, parents can focus their attention on the day’s sermon.  And parents who want to have their kids sit through a whole service can do that, and those who would like to give the sermon their undivided attention are able to do that as well.  

If you have children that are too young for Sunday School, we also have a nursery room available that has sound from the worship in the room so that parents who are in the room with children can still hear and follow along with the service.