We Come for One Another


When you come into the Lord’s house, you are not alone. Others come too. For a stranger, that is a little awkward at first. For him or her, no familiar faces exist. Even conversations before or after church might make a stranger wary instead of welcome.

But we come together because we all know Jesus and we want to know him better. The Scriptures remind us that we are all children of God by faith in Jesus and even identify us as members of the family of Jesus. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that we are not alone.

Remember Elijah? He lived in a difficult time when it appeared that the family of God had disappeared. He complained, “I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too” (1 Kings 19:10). Of course, he was not the only one left. God encouraged him with the promise of his gentle love for sinners.

Our journey through life is troublesome too. When faced with our own personal struggles, we may be tempted like Elijah to think we are absolutely alone. Perhaps we think that the Christian minority has dwindled down to so few that we are the only ones left.

Come into the Lord’s house. You are not alone! The Lord, by the power of his love in Jesus, has brought others into his house too. They are your brothers and sisters in Christ. Over time even a stranger comes to recognize faces and treasure smiles, handshakes, and greetings from other Christians.

The battle we all wage throughout life is difficult. Others travel the road with us. God places them along the road to help us, encourage us, and keep us going. We are there for them too. God has drawn us together for one another.

No one offers perfect help or encouragement. We are still plagued with the sins of cold pride and hard indifference. As imperfect as we are, we still need to love others and have them love us just as Jesus loved us all. We are his family here on earth.

We come to the Lord’s house for one another. Sometimes all it takes is the voice of the person next to you in worship. At other times that person may simply need to see your smile. Friendly words sometimes turn into words of comfort, concern, and caring. Words often turn into actions that help, support, and encourage.

All of us together have come to hear the Lord’s promises. We are not alone on life’s road, wherever that leads. Our brothers and sisters in Jesus share the journey.