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Worship Music – May 27, 2018

Here are the songs we’ll be singing together at Mt. Calvary this Sunday, May 27th
We publish our hymn lists every week to help you listen and prepare to sing together with other believers.  Join us this Sunday, at 9:30 am to sing, pray, and hear from God’s Word!
If you’re unable to worship with us in person, you can catch the sermon here on our youtube
We begin a new worship series this Sunday, called “Following” 
Social media users closely follow topics that are interesting or important to them, engaging in discussion on the topic and reading related content.  In a similar but even more dedicated way, we want to closely follow what Jesus says and does, engaging in discussion about him and reading related materials to gain wisdom for life and grow in faith.
This Sunday is Trinity Sunday — so our theme is “Following The Triune God”.  This theme is reflected in Sunday’s Scriptures and Music.
Scripture Lessons:
John 3:1-17
Isaiah 6: 1-8

Let All Things Now Living

Come Let us Sing to the Lord – Venite – Psalm 95


In the Morning I will Sing – Psalm 63

How Deep The Father’s Love for Us

Hark! The Voice of Jesus Crying

God Love the World So that He Gave