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Worship Music – Easter Sunday

Here are the songs we’ll be singing together at Mt. Calvary this Sunday, April 1st (Easter Sunday!)
We publish our hymn lists every week to help you listen and prepare to sing together with other believers.  Join us this Sunday, at 9:30 am to sing, pray, and hear from God’s Word!
If you’re unable to worship with us in person, you can catch the sermon here on our youtube channel the next day.
This song is a modern take on a traditional and well-known Easter Hymn, adding a simple refrain between the later verses of the hymn.  “He is not dead…He is alive!  We have this hope in Jesus Christ!”

Jesus Christ is Risen Today

This newer (2003) Easter hymn tells the Easter story and its profound effect for us and on us.  “And we are raised with him, death is dead, love has won, Christ has conquered!… For he lives, Christ is risen from the dead!”

See What a Morning

This traditional Easter hymn reminds us of what true because Jesus rose – he lives!  And so shall we!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives

This is Martin Luther’s Easter hymn, which tells the dramatic shift of events from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, but also the eternal significance of those events – “The victory remained with life, the reign of death has ended!  Alleluia!”  This melody was written more recently in hope of making this powerful hymn more accessible to today’s singers and congregations.  (click the image for a MP3 recording)
This hymn reminds us that Christ is our only hope — he who defeated death now guards and protects those who are his. 

In Christ Alone

The call to “crown him with many crowns” is a simple and yet profound declaration that Jesus Christ is many things, and everything. He is Lord of all, to be crowned for many things that all add up to Him being Savior of the world. Each crown represents a different aspect of who Christ is – Lord of life, Lord of love, Lord of heaven, the Lamb upon the throne.  There is no event that marks him King over all more than his resurrection from the dead.  

Crown Him With Many Crowns