Thank you for choosing to support Tell The Next Generation. Through your generous gifts, we can position ourselves to tell the next generation of believers in our community the saving work of Jesus.  
Through this effort, we aim to reduce our debt and make improvements to our school facility so that it remains the quality program that it is. 

Using the form below, you can quickly and securely setup your Tell the Next Generation giving.

To set up recurring gifts, you will need to create an account with our provider, Mogiv.  The process is simple, easy, and secure.  
Two things we ask you to consider:
  • Using direct debit from your bank account as your source of payment.  This has a much smaller processing fee than a credit or debit card (1% vs 3%).  Of course, you’re welcome to use what works best for you.  We simply wanted you to be aware of which form makes the biggest impact.
  • Selecting the option to include the transaction fee in your gift.  This allows the full gift amount you intended to be used toward the project.  There is a checkbox to do this in the transaction process.

Thanks again for your gift and support!