Make a Payment


Thank you for choosing Mt. Calvary School! We’re honored that you’ve entrusted us with the education and care of your children.

Using the form below, you can quickly and securely set up a one-time or recurring payment for your child’s tuition. Creating an account is optional for one time payments. To set up recurring payments you’ll need to create an account through our provider, Mogiv.


Our online system enables you to:

Make one-time and recurring payments on the schedule you determine
View your payment history online


Please enter the name of the child you are paying toward in the “Memo” field below to ensure your payment gets credited correctly.
If making a payment toward multiple children, please indicate the amount to be credited toward each child. (Example: Joe Smith – $100, Jane Smith – $150)
If making a payment for Begindergarten or Kindergarten and Before/Aftercare, please indicate the amount intended for each. (Example: Joe Smith – $100 Kindergarten, $200 Aftercare).
Finally, if you’re setting up recurring payments, don’t forget to set an end date! 
Our bookkeeping and billing volunteers thank you!
As an FYI, if you’d like to help us keep our costs down, please consider using direct debit from your bank account as your source of payment. This has a much smaller processing fee than any kind of credit or debit card (1% vs 3%). Of course, you’re welcome to use whichever form of payment works best for you. We simply want you to be aware of how it works on our end.
Thank you!