A new day dawned that first Easter morning. When sunlight fell on Jesus’ empty tomb, the world saw that Jesus had risen from the dead and had ushered in a new era of peace, forgiveness, and hope.  A new day has dawned where sin can’t condemn us, guilt can’t control us, and death can’t contain us — all because Jesus died and rose again.  

Join us for uplifting worship, a message of hope, and a place for families to connect with Jesus our Savior.  

Want to know what to expect at Mt. Calvary?  

  • Come as you are
  • An uplifting and encouraging message
  • Family Friendly Worship (Sunday School is available during the sermon)
Do you like to sing? Find our Easter Songs posted here.
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About our Easter Service:

It will feature Easter songs, Bible Readings, and a sermon.  All of which will lead us to think about the reality of Easter and what it means for us today. 
  • When should I arrive?  It might be wise to plan on arriving a few early to make sure you have time to get settled before the service begins.  If you’re running a little late, don’t worry. The ushers can help you find a seat. 
  • What about my kids?  Children are always welcome at Mt. Calvary and you’re welcome to have them participate in worship with you.  We also have Sunday School  available during the sermon.  You are welcome to use both. 
  • How long will the service last?  You can plan on the service lasting about an hour.
  • How should we dress?  Traditionally, many people like to dress nicely for special occasions like this one.  But that tradition isn’t for everyone.   People at Mt. Calvary typically wear all different kinds of clothing.  You’ll be fine with whatever you decide to wear.
  • What about the breakfast and egg hunt?  Both of these take place after the service.  We will meet in our gym.  Then we will send the children out to hunt for eggs in groups by age. After the egg hunt, everyone is welcome stay for breakfast.  
Anything else you’d like to know?  Contact us with any questions